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Notes to Self in Lunch Ticket

"She’s a doctoral student in the psychology department. But she told me that she used to write as if seized by a certain fervor for it, for the language, for poetry. I imagined Van Gogh and his passion for painting, his insatiable hunger. I thought I wanted to kiss those lips stained with yellow paint. Yellow, the color of the edges of a street, the boundaries of a self crossed like two neurons, the actualization of a synesthetic dream. To imbibe it is to take all of that in, the passion, life thrust under your tongue. I wanted that."


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Elliot Gavin Keenan is 24 years old and lives in Los Angeles with his cat. He's a PhD student at UCLA where he creates statistical models of autism and bipolar disorder. Born with autism and diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 17, Keenan's writing takes on the experience of being different from the inside-out.

On Being Insane is lyrical memoir I wrote in my senior year of college. It was published by Dreaming Big Publications in October 2017. Buy it on Amazon here. If you read it, please help me out and leave a review!
Elliot Gavin Keenan is an author of creative nonfiction.